As a parent, Kelly Thompson understands that your greatest concern is most likely the welfare of your children. At Kelly Thompson Family Law we will work hard to help you achieve a workable solution that both you and your children can live with in the short term and long term. <P>Do not rely on a Google search to plan your strategy. We suggest that you schedule a consultation to speak with an attorney about your unique situation and the history of your case. During your consultation, we will: 1. Discuss your unique situation and facts and talk about the history of your case 2. Discuss your legal options and possible outcomes for each option 3. Discuss the costs involved with each option 4. Inform you of your legal rights with regard to your situation 5. Answer any questions you may have and review any documents 6. Create a plan of action 7. Suggest outside resources, groups and activities that might assist your case as well as your mental & physical health during this tough time Because our consultations are so informative and in-depth, we do charge a fee of $250 which is due at the time of the consult. You will leave feeling empowered and know your rights and options. Call us now at 919-336-9545 or complete the below form and we will contact you within 4 hours to discuss your unique situation and schedule your consultation.