What We Believe

Kelly Thompson Family Law strives to establish strong, positive relationships with our clients to ensure that each client feels supported, respected and valued throughout our representation. We offer strong legal counsel while giving realistic expectations of possible outcomes. We are honest and direct with our clients to ensure they understand the legal process while striving to provide the best representation with the least cost. Clients are kept fully informed about their case and will find us to be accessible, attentive and passionate. Our goal is to empower clients to make informed decisions, within their financial means, for themselves and their families.

People, not profit, is the mission of our firm. While seeking to grow our firm and remain profitable, our clients, our employees and our families take precedent over financial gain.  We hire positive, caring people who are passionate about family law, the people we help, and whom actively look for ways to assist their co-workers. Each person shall treat all others with respect and will always maintain the highest levels of ethics, professionalism and courtesy. We seek to incorporate humor and laughter into each day and to create a positive environment in which we feel enjoyment and pride.

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“If you are looking for an attorney who will realistically assess your case and keep both your long term and short term goals in mind, then this may be the firm for you. Please contact us at 919.336.9545 for a consultation.” – Kelly Thompson