Practice Areas

Absolute Divorce

Many people are aware that North Carolina requires a one year separation period before parties are able to file for divorce. People may not be aware of potential consequences and issues that may arise when that absolute divorce is granted, however. Kelly can advise you about potential pitfalls to ensure your interests are protected.


Sometimes the best way for two parties to resolve a disagreement is with the help of a neutral third party. Whether you are represented by an attorney or are looking for solutions without the aid of an attorney, Kelly can assist you and your spouse in reaching a mutual agreement that can avoid the need to go to court and allow the two of you to retain control of your own lives without abrogating decision making authority to a judge who does not really know you or your family.


As a parent, Kelly understands that your greatest concern is most likely the welfare of your children. Kelly will work hard to help you achieve a workable solution that both you and your children can live with.

Child Support

While North Carolina has established child support guidelines, complicated issues regarding income and expenses may still arise. Kelly can assist you in navigating the ever changing issues related to child support.

Equitable Distribution

Much is acquired during a marriage and coming to terms on how to split it up can be difficult. Let Kelly assist you in assessing your case and seeking a workable solution.

Alimony and Post Separation Support

In certain situations North Carolina provides for spousal support. Kelly will work with you to explore your options and safe guard your future.